Cannabis Friday News: Blue Ribbon Hemp Releases 5000mg CBD Tincture for Seniors

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"Cannabis Friday News: Blue Ribbon Hemp Releases 5000mg CBD Tincture for Seniors, etc."

Blue Ribbon Hemp Releases 5000mg CBD Tincture for Seniors

prnewswire - With the growing popularity of CBD, there was one demographic often left out of the targeted product spectrum. Blue Ribbon Hemp is changing that, with high-quality CBD products crafted specifically with seniors in mind. Blue Ribbon Hemp has released a 5000mg Max-Strength Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture to provide maximum relief for the most critical care situations. This whole hemp MCT-oil based tincture supplies a powerful macro-dose of beneficial CBD, while providing a completely THC-free and safe option for seniors to utilize for a variety of potentially therapeutic benefits from improved sleep to inflammation recovery.

New California Cannabis Health-Warning Label Requirement Could Trigger Swell of Industry Lawsuits

mjbizdaily - Health warning labels will be required for all cannabis products sold in California starting Jan. 3, a mandate that will likely create a wave of new product-liability lawsuits targeting marijuana and hemp companies, industry attorneys predicted.

The warning labels are designed to alert consumers to the possible health impact of marijuana smoke and THC. The labels have legal roots dating back more than three decades.

NJ Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Marijuana but Harder Work Remains

njspotlight - Come Jan. 1, the new laws go into effect with a host of unresolved issues. Those issues will be left for a newly formed Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC), as well as the state attorney general. At the heart of these future policy decisions is how to create a $1 billion industry that will overtake the current illicit market and create tax revenue that will be used to help the minority communities (impact zones) hardest hit by disparate treatment by law enforcement in the so-called war on drugs.

New Administration Could Provide Ideal Backdrop for Tribes Entering Cannabis Industry

natlawreview - With the current legal and financial restrictions on the sale of cannabis, and confusion regarding the legal framework that governs this multi-billion dollar medical and recreational trade, many Tribes may have been hesitant or unable to enter the cannabis industry. The upcoming change in administration, along with legislative developments on both the federal and state level, suggest that the legal landscape for the cannabis industry may move further towards rationalization.

Australia’s TGA Green-Lights Cannabidiol Without A Prescription

hempgazette - Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has announced its final decision on down-scheduling certain cannabidiol (CBD) preparations to Pharmacist Only Medicines – available over the counter without a prescription.

OTC cannabidiol in Australia
Australia’s TGA Green-Lights Cannabidiol Without A Prescription - hempgazette

Hoboken Wants a Higher Marijuana Tax

hudsonreporter - The Hoboken City Council has unanimously adopted a resolution urging Gov. Phil Murphy and state legislators to allow certain municipalities to generate additional tax revenue from the sale of cannabis to cover costs of public safety and welfare, social justice, and education.

Lawsuit Challenges Missouri’s Medical Cannabis Residency Requirement

cannabisbusinesstimes - Mark Toigo, a cannabis investor from Pennsylvania, has filed a federal lawsuit to strike down Missouri’s requirement that medical cannabis business licenses are owned by residents, according to St. Louis Public Radio.

The voter-approved constitutional amendment that legalized medical cannabis in 2018 requires licenses to be majority owned by residents who have lived in Missouri for at least one year prior to filing the application, the news outlet reported.

Native Leaf Co Launches Market’s First Whole-Leaf Hemp Wraps

ganjapreneur - For the first time ever, cannabis enthusiasts can purchase hemp leaf wraps that are handpicked from cannabis plants and slow-cured for 30 days, creating a natural, sustainable, and native smoking experience

Native Leaf Co Launches Market’s First Whole-Leaf Hemp Wraps - ganjapreneur

New Cannabis Facility Hopes to Become Trusted Member of Community

yahoo - There is a new cannabis production facility coming to North Grenville and its founders hope to become an integral part of the North Grenville community.

Nick and Jimmy Xidous first had the idea for Era Cannabis back in 2013, when they started reading about the possibility of Canada legalizing cannabis in newspapers and online. “I was like, wait, this is going to be huge,” Jimmy says. “I saw so much potential.”

Filing Trademark Applications Covering Cannabis Goods And Services In Thailand

mondaq - Thailand operates under a first-to-file trademark system. The Thai Trademark Office has verbally confirmed that trademark applications which include goods or services relating to medical cannabis are registrable. That being said, recent developments indicate that the Trademark Office will require applicants who file specifically for medical cannabis goods or services to submit proof that the applicant has permission to produce drugs containing cannabis from the Thai Food and Drug Administration.

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