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  • Cannabis Friday News:Marijuana Businesses Could Get Federal Disaster Relief Funds Under New Congressional Bill

Cannabis Friday News:Marijuana Businesses Could Get Federal Disaster Relief Funds Under New Congressional Bill

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"Cannabis Friday News:Marijuana Businesses Could Get Federal Disaster Relief Funds Under New Congressional Bill, etc."

Marijuana Businesses Could Get Federal Disaster Relief Funds Under New Congressional Bill

marijuanamoment - Marijuana businesses impacted by recent natural disasters or that have experienced financial distress due to the coronavirus pandemic would be eligible for federal relief programs under new legislation introduced in the House of Representatives and Senate on Thursday.

The new Small Business Disaster Relief Equity Act stipulate that disaster- or COVID-related services, grants, loans and tax benefits that are made available through federal agencies or congressional legislation cannot be denied to cannabis businesses solely because of the nature of their work, as long as it is in compliance with state law.

What's more, the bill states that the the heads of federal agencies that administer disaster relief such as SBA "shall, to the greatest extent practicable, allow State-legal cannabis businesses to retroactively apply for such disaster assistance."

Colorado Communities of Color Facing Two Barriers in Cannabis

boulderweekly - When cannabis was legalized recreationally in Colorado, there were two main factors that kept communities of color from getting in the game, says Sarah Woodson, the founder of The Color of Cannabis, a nonprofit seeking to level the cannabis-business playing field.

The first barrier was the state's failure to pardon cannabis crimes or expunge anyone's record of them post-legalization. Many black and Latino people who may have taken advantage of the opportunity to participate in the legal cannabis industry were already in prison for cannabis felonies like possession or intent to sell. 

The second obstacle was a legal stipulation squeezed into the blueprint for recreational cannabis that barred anyone with a felony from entering Colorado’s industry for 10 years. 

Philadelphia Cannabis Firm Enters Maryland Market with Acquisition of Three Dispensaries

bizjournals - Philadelphia medical marijuana firm Ethos Cannabis is planting its flag in the Maryland market with the acquisition of three dispensaries.

Ethos recently gained clearance from regulators at the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to acquire a trio of licensed dispensary businesses that have been operating under the brand name "Mission" in Maryland. The acquired sites include Mission's stores in Rockville, Catonsville, and Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood. Ethos purchased the locations from 4Front Ventures, which still operates one other Mission dispensary in Silver Spring outside of Washington, D.C. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Ethos Cannabis is headquartered in the Philadelphia area, and has recently entered the Maryland medical cannabis market. - bizjournals

Cash Payments No Longer the Only Option for Utah Cannabis Patients

sltrib - Utah’s medical cannabis patients are now allowed by the state to spend their money inside marijuana pharmacies, but that doesn't mean the nation's major financial institutions want their fingerprints on transactions involving the federally illegal substance.

Credit card companies generally avoid cannabis transactions, for fear of federal repercussions. PayPal and Venmo are also leery of wading into the industry, state health officials say.

California's Largest-ever Fire Threatens Cannabis Farms Worth Millions. Many Won't Evacuate

latimes - Nate Trujillo sat on a windy ridge and watched California's largest wildfire, the August Complex, work its way toward the cannabis-growing enclave of Post Mountain-Trinity Pines, where many of the locals are refusing to evacuate.

Law enforcement officers went door to door warning of the danger a few days ago, but "we couldn't force people to leave," said Trujillo, a narcotics deputy in the Trinity County Sheriff's Department. "It's mainly growers. And a lot of them, they don’t want to leave because that is their livelihood."

The Cleveland School of Cannabis Is Preparing a Workforce of Black Cannabis Entrepreneurs

revolt - Drake, B-Real, JAY-ZSnoopC.J. WallaceRay JRedman, Method Man, and Wiz Khalifa have all taken advantage of the cannabis green rush, but the majority of Black people are being locked out of participating in the cannabis industry due to historical barriers like poverty over-policing. In response, the Cleveland School of Cannabis is addressing this gap by offering educational programs and job placement in the field.

VT Retail Cannabis Bill Heads to Scott for Signature

mynbc5 - The bill that would tax and regulate recreational marijuana in Vermont only needs the Gov. Phil Scott's signature to become law.

The governor has said he wanted police to be able to administer roadside saliva testing. This bill provides for something different. Police would have to get a warrant for testing. If a new, reliable, rapid testing method becomes available, this bill leaves the door open to that.

The governor has not indicated whether or not he plans to sign the bill, but he acknowledges the legislature has been willing to work with him.

Extreme Weather Patterns Force Cannabis Growers to Rethink Cultivation Strategies

mjbizdaily - As extreme weather events ravage the country from coast to coast – including wildfires, floods and early freezes – marijuana growers are being forced to reevaluate their risks and consider changes to their cultivation practices.

Outdoor marijuana growers, in particular, are vulnerable to severe changes in weather, prompting farmers to consider moving their crops inside and using new cannabis varieties. Other cultivators are locating their operations on higher ground to avoid flooding.

Cannabis-adapting-climate-changes - mjbizdaily

The FDA Wants to Help Cannabis Businesses Advance Research

cannabiswire - The US Food and Drug Administration wants cannabinoid companies to know that they can play a crucial role in federal regulators obtaining important cannabis data and research. And for those squeamish about revealing how, say, their CBD products are made, there's a way for companies to wind through the process without lifting the hood on whatever gives them a competitive edge.  

Petition Pushes for National Medical Cannabis Insurance for Canadians

hightimes - A new healthcare technology company, Cannalogue, is launching a petition in their native land of Canada to get the Ministries of Health on board with providing national healthcare coverage for medical cannabis. 

The petition, entitled United for Access, was started because of the financial burden the COVID-19 pandemic has had on many Canadians, especially those who are already marginalized or disadvantaged, according to a press release the company sent out. Cannalogue believes Canadian citizens should have access to cannabis health care as well as general healthcare. 

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