Cannabis Employees Are in Huge Demand During the Economic Crash of Coronavirus Times


The hemp industry is eager to find enough workers across the country. Coronavirus hasn’t shown its power in cannabis companies: They’re staffing up even as unemployment rate soars in much other industry. Weed businesses around the country are hiring additional workers in response to the enormous demand for hemp products.

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Although fewer shoppers go to the stores, they buy a lot for stocking up. And the delivery sales are surging. The whole industry is so prosperous that as if they do not care, maybe they can not touch the federal rescue fund to pay for the employees. For example, Companies POLITICO owned stores in more than six states said they were adding thousands of workers despite the pandemic. Green Leaf Medical said it planned to hire about 300 workers for its cultivation and retail chains in Virginia and Maryland, double its workforce. Trulieve has added 250 retail workers in Florida. Cannabis finds its high light amid coronavirus outbreak. Cannabis companies’ hiring plans were already set before the public health center.

You Need to Know the Intellectual Property of the Cannabis Industry
You Need to Know the Intellectual Property of the Cannabis Industry

The original reason for companies’ hiring is just that the cannabis market continued to grow drastically. According to analytic firm BDSA, Legal cannabis sales topped $12 billion last year, and plan to top $30 billion annually within the next four years. “cannabis industry in the U.S. employed nearly 250,000 people last year, ”according to Leafly, biggest cannabis website in the U.S., “a 15 percent jump over 2018.”

The related industry delivery services in states are also staffing up. Before the virus, Kaitlin Wolfberg worked as a musician, playing the violin, viola,etc.. The day before she was going to travel with a string quartet to Hawaii in March, it was canceled. She applied for a job the next day at the California delivery service Ganja Goddess and started working two days later. The workforce of delivery service has increased by nearly 25 percent since lockdown of coronavirus began.

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