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Canadian Group Concerned the Misinformation about E-Cigarettes

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According to an industry advocacy group, misinformation in the vapor industry is a significant concern. The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) points out that that misinformation was alarmed by the resurgence of media reports inaccurately depicting vaping as harmful as smoking and linking vaping to increased COVID-19 symptom severity.

The organization said that both claims have long been disproven.

Darryl Tempest, executive director of the CVA, said that disregarding the facts in bad faith jeopardizes the health of millions of smokers globally.

Moreover, those wrong information will misleading smokers about the relative harm vaping products pose. Tempest said it is equally troubling to the CVA that many publications continue to link vaping to COVID-19, although health authorities had already verified that there is no direct connection between vaing and coronavirus.

Moreover, according to a press release, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it stated:

"E-cigarette use can expose the lungs to toxic chemicals, but whether those exposures increase the risk of COVID-19 is not known."

Recently, the Science Media Research Center released statements regarding their understanding of vaping and COVID-19, and these statements demonstrate that the scientific community recognizes the harm reduction potential of vaping products.

Dr. Caitlyn Notley claim:

"There is no evidence that vaping increases the risk of infection or progression to severe conditions of COVID-19. However, vapers with a long previous smoking history could exhibit conditions seen in vulnerable patients. However, this would not be an effect of vaping but of previous smoking. Since completely switching from smoking to vaping improves cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, smokers who switch to vaping might be expected to have a better prognosis if infected by COVID-19."

"E-cigarettes are the most popular consumer option for stop smoking support, and they are effective. People should be encouraged to switch to vaping rather than continuing to smoke tobacco."

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