Can I Use Marijuana While Taking Antibiotics?

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According to the US Department of Health, the use of marijuana did not cause serious side effects in humans. But this plant still has some annoying side effects, such as red eyes, dry mouth, sedation, and anxiety.

However, the use of marijuana may also affect health. If you are taking medicines, such as antibiotics, to treat another health problem, will marijuana help or hinder its effectiveness?

Interaction of cannabis with other drugs

There is not much-written material on how cannabis interacts with drugs. Some studies have shown that the use of cannabis can increase the analgesic effect of opioids, but it does not increase the number of opioids in the plasma. A medical journal research report stated that marijuana could help reduce the use of opioids.

The study also noted that children taking antiepileptic drugs clobazam and CBD had increased levels of clobazam in the blood. Moreover, those taking valproate and using medical marijuana appear to be at a higher risk of abnormal liver function.

These data are just the tip of the iceberg. There is still a lot of cannabis research to examine various drugs and how the use of cannabis changes the effects of other drugs in the body. Patients taking chronic disease drugs must talk to the attending doctor before using marijuana, but what if you are using antibiotics for short-term treatment? Can you use marijuana while taking medicines and suppress it without delaying complications Infected?


Using marijuana while taking antibiotics

When it comes to taking antibiotics and marijuana at the same time, no studies have shown that this is not safe. If you search online, you will not find antibiotics on the list of drug interactions.

Another thing worth studying is the help of cannabis to the immune system. If you take antibiotics to fight a specific infection, this will help the body function. There is some debate about how cannabis affects the immune system. However, some studies have shown that marijuana may suppress the immune system, but studies show that marijuana may strengthen the immune system against diseases.

The conclusion is that taking cannabis while taking antibiotics does not seem to have any real risks. Some people think that using marijuana may help the immune system fight infection. If possible, it is best to discuss with your doctor to see if you need to make changes to the current cannabis use. Pay close attention to your body, pay attention to adverse reactions, and make changes if necessary.

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