Caffeine e-cigarette, a substitute to coffee and nicotine?

Chinese e-cigarette brand, SNOWPLUS launched the interchangeable “caffeine pod”, a potential substitute to Caffe beverages, this nicotine-free product serves the purpose of lifting spirit and avoiding controversy in tobacco control.

According to SNOWPLUS, “caffeine e-cigarette” can effectively avoid gastrointestinal damage caused by coffee and reduce the pigmentation of coffee on teeth. The main ingredients are vegetable glycerin, pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol, flavorings, and natural coffee extracts. The caffeine pod kit is available in two flavors, cappuccino and matcha ice cola, each caffeine content of 0.4mg/g, pod net content is 1.5ml.

Is it safe to add caffeine in an e-cigarette?

A cup of coffee contains about 90-120mg of caffeine, and a can of 250ml Red Bull contains 50mg of caffeine. Theoretically, the caffeine in a can of Red Bull is equivalent to consume 120 caffeine pods. The scientific research has proved the effectiveness of the caffeine absorption through the gastrointestinal system, but the direct absorption of caffeine through the lungs has not been proved yet, also, this method is relatively hard to control due to individual tolerance of caffeine.

As we know, caffeine and nicotine are both addictive, is it good to replace one addictive substance with another?

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