Briefing on Malaysia’s E-cigarette market

Malaysia was once a major exporter of vape oil in the era of e-cigar smoke. It has won the favor of Asia-Pacific and some European and American markets with its fruit-mixed taste and cool taste.

Since the popularity of small vape POD products, which has changed the e-cigarette industry structure and market So, in the era of “small vape devices”, what changes have been made in the Malaysian market?

A practitioner in the Chinese e-cigarette industry has recently visited Malaysia would like to share the insights

Malay e-cigarette users are mainly composed of young people and smoking cessation groups. There are two types of online e-commerce and offline stores.

Different from the domestic market, there are a lot of physical stores in Malay. The e-cigarette products are rich in flavors. Since users can experience the performance and taste of the products in the physical store, making the physical store very popular.

The Malaysian market is also under a transformation. There are decreasing numbers of users using large vape products. On the contrary small vape devices has become the mainstream t in the market and continues to grow. E-cigarettes can be seen everywhere in Malaysia. Market vendors selling vegetables, young people selling fruits on the roadside, GRAP drivers, couriers, hotel doormen, restaurant diners… You will see a lot of e-cigarette users everywhere. Malay’s young users (20 years old above) use e-cigarette mainly because e-cigarettes are “new” and “cool”, while middle-aged users mainly want to quit smoking. The taste of e-cigarettes is not as bad as cigarettes, and the puff in the room will soon dissipate and will not affect other people.

There are also many brands of small vape devices, but in general, the “NANOSTICK” and “RELX” brands are more popular and have higher retention rates.

Generally speaking, consumers are more inclined to buy small vape devices through online-shopping.

On the other hand, due to the unique taste of Malaysian e-cigarette consumers, products using Malaysian local vape oil are often more acceptable. Locals like to mix fruit with a cold taste, plus a higher sweetness.

Therefore, the most important benchmark for success in the Malaysian market lies in the user experience and repurchase rate.

At present, some of the vape oil products of Malaysia have also begun to introduce different versions of light and classic “like cigarettes” product to adapt to different user taste. This also reflects the user segmentation under fierce competition. Segmentation of products and products has become a trend of competition among brands in the future.

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