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  • ALD Sterki - The World's 1st E-Cigarette with Sterilization Function

ALD Sterki - The World's 1st E-Cigarette with Sterilization Function

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"Passed SGS authority certification ALD, your trusted global vaporizer business partner"

ALD Group Limited, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is a high-tech enterprise specializing and leading in electronic atomization technology research and applications. ALD's business covers ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), IMV (Inhaled Medical Vaporizer) and HnB (Heat-Not-Burn device).  

ALD has made extensive achievements in the electronic atomizing field. By first achieving the automatic production of ceramic-based thick-film heaters, we created our brilliant technology SILMO™ and won the popularity of the most advanced technology until 2019 in the vaping industry. Our research covers polymer materials, nanomaterials, superconducting materials, advanced ceramic, flow analysis, thermal field analysis, aerosol analysis, intelligent temperature control, intelligent identification, intelligent sensing, fast charging, and ergonomics, etc. Our research findings have been widely used in R&D, design, manufacturing, and testing, bearing 200 core patents at home and abroad.

With the core philosophy of scientific management and lean production, ALD takes the lead to equip the factory with the top standard production facility, supported by "8S" management mode, GMP standard production environment, and ISO9001 quality management system, providing a strong guarantee for manufacturing efficiency and quality level.

The World's 1st E-Cigarette With Sterilization Function

Passed SGS authority certification ALD, your trusted global vaporizer business partner.

ALD Sterki

R&D Center

With over 200 R&D elites and over 200 core patents at home and abroad.ALD has been staying focused on continuous R&D and innovation ever since its establishment.

  • SILMO™: Advanced Metal Thick-Film Ceramic Heating Element
  • MICROFEEL™: Patented Core-Embedded Ceramic Heating Element
  • PURAMIC™: Self-Developed Integrated Ceramic Heating Element

Manufacturing Center

Equipped with over 40,000㎡ modern manufacturing center, 3,000 skilled workers,
30,000,000 monthly vaporizer capacity and strict quality control system, ALD is able to provide professional one-stop-design service and deliver the best solution.


ALD is always concentrated on product innovation.

All products under ALD feature precision manufacturing and meticulous design developed by senior engineers with decades of combined experience.

  • ENDS: Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems
  • IMV: Inhaled Medical Vaporizer
  • HnB: Heat-Not-Burn device

ALD is driven by its original corporate culture for sustainable development. "Integrity, Pragmatism, Study, Innovation, Persistence and Excellence" is our core value. Our mission is to transfer value among staff, customers, partners, and society, to make everyone achieve more and be happier. We are committed to creating a world's first-class atomization technology sharing platform to benefit as more people as possible.

ALD Sterki
ALD Sterki
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