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China will ban CBD in cosmetics
E-cigarettes will be legal in China!!!
Smoore is scheduled to hold a board of directors on March 31 to consider offering a final dividend.


Grasp the wave of the industry



RLX Technology Started A Cigarettes Revolution In China

RLX Technology is the most relevant player in the electric cigarette market in China.
I believe that market leaders usually grow more than the market. Note that RLX seems to be controlling 62.6% of the e-cigarette market in China.


Fake Publicity of Industrial Hemp Beer Incurs Serious Consequences

Because of the fact that Jinye Co. has violated the relevant provisions of Anti Unfair Competition Law of the people's Republic of China and Yunnan anti unfair competition regulations, the market supervision and Management Department of Panlong District ordered Jinye company to stop the illegal activities immediately.



The Immortality Key: Lost on The Road to Eleusis

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Immortality Key is a bestselling book, which suggests a entheogenic role in the ancient Christian Eucharist, that originated with and was passed down from the cult of Dionysus and the Eleusinian mysteries of ancient Greece.


Shemshemet: Cannabis in Ancient Egypt

CANNABIS CULTURE – Up until recent times, many Egyptologists failed to acknowledge much of a role for cannabis in ancient Egypt beyond that of a source of fiber for ropes, but recent research identifying a plant in the Egyptian texts with fibrous and medicinal properties, as well as edible seeds, under the name shemshemet, or sm-sm-t, are now generally regarded as identifying cannabis.

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Does CBD Oil Expire?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, is a chemical compound produced by hemp, a close relative of the infamous cannabis plant. Over the past few years, CBD oil has gained quite a reputation for being a versatile and potent medicine. Although research into CBD’s health benefits and side effects is still limited, preliminary studies, as well as anecdotal evidence, have found it to be effective against everything from stress and anxiety to chronic pain and seizures.