6 Best CBD Bath Products

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When it’s time to relax, look no further than CBD bath products. These soothing bath bombs will maximize stress relief during “me time.”

It’s easy to get envious when you see someone on Instagram drop a bath bomb into their tub in that perfect bath set up a picture (hashtag #selfcare!). You can reach for that ultimate relaxation too with CBD bath bombs. We put together this list of the best CBD bath products that are worth more than just a pretty picture.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to take a bath. Hydrotherapy, bathing, is one of the oldest human pastimes, and it goes beyond just getting clean. A warm bath may help induce feelings of well being and decrease anxiety. So it’s no surprise to see CBD thrown into the mix. We decided to try out a variety of CBD and hemp bath products to see if they live up to the hype.

Our findings? We think CBD + bathtime makes for a luxurious and intensely soothing experience. We loved bathing with CBD for relief from menstrual cramps, post-workout soreness, and general mood elevation after a long day.

The best CBD bath bombs and soaks

Ministry of Hemp received free products in return for writing these reviews. We only selected our favorite CBD & Hemp beauty products for inclusion in this roundup, and we always promise to give you our honest opinion.

Mission Farms CBD Soak$39.00 300mg CBD isolate
HUGS CBD Bath Bomb$14.00 50mg Broad Spectrum CBD
Prima Bath Gem$16.00 25mg Broad Spectrum CBD
Canna Bath Co. Bath Bomb$15.00 60mg CBD Isolate
EngErotics Soaking Sand Bath Shots$12.00 20mg CBD Isolate
CannaFloria Be Sensual Hemp Milk Bath$22.00 Hemp seed oil & natural terpenes only

Mission Farms CBD Soak

Mission Farms CBD Soak

This luxury goat milk bath made up of CBD and therapeutic essential oils. Smooth bath shreds dissolved in warm water and filled our tub with soft scents that left us totally at ease. Choose from 4 scents. Each jar is suitable for 6-12 baths!

HUGS CBD Bath Bomb

HUGS CBD Bath Bomb

Invigorate your evening and senses with the HUGS scented bath bomb. We appreciated the moisturizing olive oil base of this bath bomb, and HUGS has four scents to choose from depending on the vibes. We also loved their clay face mask.

Prima Bath Gem

Prima Bath Gem

This beauty comes in elegant, unusual cubic shape, and made us feel like we were bathing in natural mineral pools. Prima gets the science right on this one! Prima is one of our Top CBD brands.

Canna Bath Co. Bath Bomb

Canna Bath Co. Bath Bomb

Canna Bath Co. lives up to its name with an array of 5 bath bombs to choose from, each blended with unique aromatherapy ingredients to suit varying moods and needs. Check out their oils and CBD pain patch; we loved those too!

EngErotics Soaking Sand Bath Shots

EngErotics Soaking Sand Bath Shots

These fast-dissolving shots infuse delicious scents (choose from 7) with CBD and left us feeling relaxed. Enjoy the sand bath shot with one of EngErotic’s waterproof sex toys or a good book!

CannaFloria Be Sensual Hemp Milk Bath

CannaFloria Be Sensual Hemp Milk Bath

Hemp oil is excellent for skin care. And hemp milk only enhances the moisturizing properties of our favorite plant. We love how cannafloria uses hemp and terpenes with other oils and scents to create an experience that left us soothed and soft.

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