3 Easy Marijuana Edibles Recipes for Thanksgiving

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" Just have cannabutter at the ready or be willing to visit the dispensary to get some, and you can turn most of your Thanksgiving spread into an edibles arrangement."

Want to spice things up — or, in this case, weed things up — on Thanksgiving, but intimidated by the work? It doesn't have to be that hard.

We're not talking about stuffing a turkey with a half-ounce of Sour Diesel; leave the bird alone. But side dishes, primarily those with plenty of butter and dairy (or coconut oil, if you're vegan), are prime candidates for cannabis infusion. Just have cannabutter at the ready or be willing to visit the dispensary to get some, and you can turn most of your Thanksgiving spread into an edibles arrangement.

To keep the stress minimal, we've listed some of the easy options here. But first, a point of etiquette: Make sure your friends and family are aware that these dishes are infused; you don't want to ruin your cousin's job opportunities in such a tough economy.


Thanksgiving is a pie holiday, and there's no reason to stop your imagination at a single kind of pie. Pumpkin, sweet potato, strawberry rhubarb, cranberry custard (can't wait to try that one), pecan and blueberry pies all have one thing in common: crust, which requires a lot of butter (or cannabutter) to make. Some pies, like pumpkin and pecan, require more dairy and butter than others, so choose your infused pie accordingly.

Cranberry sauce

Infusing cranberry sauce takes more time and steps than dealing with the butter-heavy entries on this list, but that'll just make it more impressive at Friendsgiving. Since there aren't any fat-heavy ingredients involved, your best DIY bet is to infuse the sugar. You can do that by using grain alcohol to strip the cannabinoids off your weed and then mixing the liquid with sugar, baking out the alcohol and leaving THC sugar remaining.

If you're lucky enough to live near a dispensary, just buy a gram of distillate (purified THC). It's clear and tasteless, so you can simply decarb the distillate (heat it up to activate the THC) and then mix it in with the cranberry sauce while it simmers. Be careful, though: One gram of distillate is at least 800 milligrams of THC, and that's a lot of funk to pack into one batch of cranberry sauce.


Hot buttered apple cider

Hot cider is usually amped up with rum (I prefer whiskey so that it's not overly sweet), and that's the end of that. But add cannabutter to the mix, and you've got a decadent, if not dangerous, one-two combo. Making your own hot cider is a lot easier than you might think, and the cinnamon and nutmeg easily drown out the cannabutter flavor. This hack applies to hot-buttered rum, as well as coffee and whiskey.

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