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2020’s First Asia Hemp Investment Summit CBD Products Exhibition is Held in Hong Kong

Kevin Liu, Tsang’s Group | Photography by CBDG

HONG KONG, (VAPEBIZ) – On Jan 14, 2020, Tsang’s Group and Cannabis Fund (CBDG) together held the first Asia Hemp Investment Summit CBD Products Exhibition at Hong Kong Kerry’s Hotel. Experts in research and develop cannabis business from every corner of the world came to meet and discuss diversified potential investments with well-known entrepreneurs, leading the integration capacity of the global cannabis industrial chain.

Mario Catania at CBDG
Mario Catania | Photography by CBDG

In only 2 decades, the cannabis industry has become the cash top of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. According to Mario Catania, the author of “Cannabis, il futuro è verde canapa,” and the founder of Grow Up Agency, cannabis market for both medical and recreational uses on a global level has reached to nearly $13 billion of USD and is expected increase 19.64% calculated by CARG, which will bring up to $36.903 billion in 2024. He expects the global industrial hemp market will reach $26.6 billion in 2025 from $4.6 billion in 2019. In addition, legal cannabis industry develops 110% growth in 3 years. There are now more than 211,000 cannabis jobs across the U.S. As statistics showed, in 2017, $8.5 billion in revenue and $1.7 billion was collected in related tax.

Serigo‘s Speech at CBDG | Photography by CBDG

Looking into the global market, Serigo pictures the whole global cannabis landscape and compares with legal concern and market trend in different areas. He forecasts the legal cannabis industry will reach more than 100 billion in the next 5 years. He believes Colombia will be one of the top exporters of medical cannabis and hemp, and investors should take advantage of a depreciated Colombian Peso, as for it is at historic lows compares to the U.S. dollars at current currency status. Monetary and fiscal policy, however, is stable with low barriers to foreign direct investment.

Medical Cannabis Market Size, 2024 (US$ Billion)

RegionMarket Value 2024 (U.S$ Billion)
North America20.2

Legal Recreational Cannabis Market Size, 2024 (U.S$ Billion)

Region Market Value 2024 (U.S$ Billion)
Africa 1.3
Asia 1.8
Europe 16.9
Latam 2.5
North America 17.7
Oceania 1.2

Serigo‘s Speech at CBDG | Photography by CBDG
Serigo, Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Goizueta Business School, Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia | Photography by CBDG
Viola Brugnatelli at CBDG | Photography by CBDG

Scientific reports suggest a novel phytocannabinoid isolated from Cannabis sativa L. with an in vivo cannabimimetic activity higher than THC. Viola Brugnatelli, the CEO & Scientific Director finds there are 4 new cannabinoids (Orbitrap Mass Spec), receptor docking at hCB1, hCB2, which are radioligand binding in her research. Novel treatment targets the cultivation of specific chemovars. THCP is more psychotomimetic than THC, explaining the difference in clinical response. These researches are highly important in supporting and developing innovative plant-based pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medicinal products and building state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facilities to capitalize on the worldwide demand for organic, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis.

Developed companies such as ST Biosciences, AZTEC, GODIVEN, E.I O. II., one after another shows several products in various stages of research, development, and testing, using innovative, proprietary formulations containing pharmaceutical-grade CBD to treat health conditions, such as cancers, autism, burns, opioid withdrawal, migraines, and sleep disorders.

The conference continues with “Panel Talk-Q&A” and CBD product exhibitions to discuss the latest research about CBD on Pain treatment and global investment of CBD trillion market trend.

Once an American economic stable, hemp is unparalleled in its utility. The emergence of the cannabis industry is an exponential opportunity for environmental and social justice.

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