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  • 1.5USD! MOTI Magic Flute released the lowest price vape kit in the history of the industry

1.5USD! MOTI Magic Flute released the lowest price vape kit in the history of the industry

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"It has been learned recently that the electronic atomization head brand MOTI will soon release the lowest-priced changeable atomization rod in history, and the retail price is only 8.8yuan."

It has been learned recently that the E-cigarette Premium brand MOTI will soon release the lowest-priced changeable vape kit in china history, and the retail price is only 8.8yuan.(about 1.5USD)


8.8 yuan has undoubtedly broken through the lowest price in the market, which is better than the 9.9 yuan Mini changeable pod kit by YOOZ last year. Whether this wave of MOTI magic flute operation is a gimmick or sincere user drainage, it depends on whether this low-cost entry-level product is sincere enough.

This vape kit is named - MOTI GO.


From this point of view, MOTI GO uses anodizing technology, a metal shell, and a large 400mAh battery. It has a long battery life. It is the flagship configuration of many mainstream atomization products.


Related information also revealed that Magic Die united with many leading domestic chip companies to develop atomization control components, using domestic 180-nanometer-level process semiconductors to customize core "core" technology for this MOTI GO. This configuration is really luxurious.
In terms of atomization bombs, MOTI GO is still equipped with the industry's top FEELM atomization core, which highly reduces the atomization liquid's various components and provides protection for the ultimate taste.
In terms of color matching, MOTI GO launched four classic colors,including the spring light, the quiet deep sea, the quiet nebula, and the quiet night. The value and quality of the color are all fascinating.


Based on the above, MOTI Magic Flute's lowest price refill rod in history is the basic configuration of the mainstream flagship model, and it has quite a design highlight. It can be described as full of sincerity and worth looking forward to.

Simultaneously, the news of the magic flute's 8.8 yuan low-cost pole immediately caused widespread heated discussion on the Internet. Based on their loyalty to their respective brands, fans of different camps even opened a pinch mode in the relevant media's comment area to provide quality Better, which brand is harder, there is a lot of noise. Many users said that MOTI Magic Flute's low-cost reloading atomizing rod is extremely lethal. It is likely to trigger a new round of competition for low-cost entry-level products soon.

In terms of the current domestic market capacity, the penetration rate of electronic atomization products is still meager. It is far from reaching a competitive pattern of one-to-one. If MOTI successfully raises the top brand to attack the sinking market, it will accelerate the industry's overall development.

The new round of competition will also have higher and higher overall requirements for the team. Looking at the top brands, each has its own advantages. RELX has been listed and has the highest market share; Magic Flute has strong research and development capabilities, and its ability to iterate new products should not be underestimated. It has a large reserve of funds and is mostly endorsed by well-known investment institutions. But no matter what the major manufacturers will do next, we all believe that making products seriously and treating users' brands seriously deserves better returns.

Looking forward to the wonderful performance of MOTI GO.

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